The Right baby Shower Cosmetics You Can Choose

The Right baby Shower Cosmetics You Can Choose

The baby bath is a must-have for young parents. Much more than a simple gesture of hygiene, the bath is indeed a moment of sharing and unique pleasure to be experienced as a family playard with bassinet. In the water, your little one will discover new sensations and take on his body a little more each day: what a joy to see him having fun wiggling his hair in the water or playing with his plastic animals.

For small spaces, the foldable or inflatable bathtub is ideal. For more spacious bathrooms, the bathtub with integrated seat offers baby maximum support and comfort during the bath. For Baby, we only want the best. And for more and more mothers, natural baby care seems THE solution. But do they provide all the guarantees? Slow baby shower gifts cosmetics helps you choose.

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Do you remember the debate in September 2008 on the “pink briefcases” distributed by certain maternity hospitals? A collective of scientists had denounced them as representing a “toxic cocktail”. These cases had at the time aroused a lot of emotions and reactions, including from the health authorities. However, 10 years later, these cases have not really changed. Fortunately, the conscience is. This debate has indeed had the interest of showing the dangers that certain cosmetic products can represent for very young children. He also stressed the importance of choosing the right products for your baby.

What controversial ingredients are found in baby cosmetics?

The baby cosmetics departments mainly offer toiletries or for changing: toilet milks (whose formula is close to cleansing milk), soap-free foaming cleansing gels, baby soaps, baby shampoos, hair lotions baby journey review, scented waters, soaps, cleansing wipes, moisturizing creams for the face or body… In the end, far too many products compared to what a baby really needs. And the worst part is that you might think that these products are particularly eco-friendly and healthy, but no. Most baby products have a surprisingly disappointing composition:

  • Many contain a water + fatty substance base of petrochemical origin. This is the cheapest, but although it is relatively harmless, it is not very noble material for a baby – we think of petroleum jelly, paraffin or petroleum derivatives ( Cera microcrystallina, Petrolatum, etc.).
  • There are still products that contain lanolin, a fat derived from the animal kingdom that can be irritating.
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Many people mention preservatives that can prove to be irritating in the long term : isothiazolinones, the worst being methylisothiazolinone (MIT or MI), denounced by dermatologists in 2014 for its link with the triggering of contact allergies (report by the French Society of Dermatology of 23/10/14). Much has also been said about phenoxyethanol (sometimes written in the INCI list “EGPhE” for ethylene glycol phenylether), another preservative, and not necessarily irritant but potential endocrine disruptor.

Certain baby products contain ingredients that are believed to be endocrine disruptors in adult cosmetics: methylparaben ,  ethylparaben , PEG , Tetrasodium EDTA … and of course  phenoxyethanol.


The words “hypoallergenic“, “tested under dermatological control”, written on the packaging to reassure consumers are not significant. This is what the UFC-Que Choisir denounced in 2013 with its study on baby wipes, the majority of which contained allergens.